TRU Adult Colo(u)ring Book Project


butterflypurplebwThis year, Trauma Recovery University (TRU) is putting together a colo(u)ring book which we intend to sell to raise funds.  Cimmy has agreed to be the point of contact for this project.  All the basic information is below.  For further details or to make comments about the project, please feel free to email her at Be sure to use the subject line “Colo(u)ring Book Questions” so she can distinguish between actual questions and spam.

Submission Requirements

  • butterfly-coloring-book-pages-18The drawing must be a black and white line drawing.  Colo(u)red or shaded drawings will not be accepted.
  • The drawing must be beautiful.  Scary and/or inappropriate drawings will not be accepted.
  • The drawing must bear some form of signature.  You need not use your given name.  Your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or other familiar handle will be fine.  Unsigned entries will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must be your original work.  Submissions copied off the internet or from other media will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must be received by 30 June 2016. Late entries will not be accepted. EDIT: We are considering an extension.  Late submissions may be accepted.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why a colo(u)ring book?

Therapists have found that colo(u)ring is a very meditative practice.  We think that it would be cool to put together an entire colo(u)ring book filled with drawings created by trauma survivors meant to be used by other trauma survivors.

What’s the Theme?

Butterflies!  Any submission will be accepted featuring any and all 8cx8eekcplevels of drawing talent, so long as it looks at least a little like a butterfly.

Who can submit a drawing?

Any survivor of trauma, particularly childhood trauma and/or Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Can I submit more than one drawing?

Yes.  However, we request a maximum of 5 drawings per person. Cimmy’s email capacity isn’t large, nor is her mailbox and we don’t want to put undo pressure on the postal service, or on Athena, Bobbi and Cimmy, who will be sorting through all the entries at the end of the month.

What’s the money going to be used for?

We plan to use the funds raised from this project to create Survivor Conferences in as many locations as we can.  Perhaps even in a town close to you!

How long do I have to submit something?

Our deadline for accepting drawings is the 30th of June.  Unfortunately, that means your drawing must have reached Cimmy by that date.  Late arrivals may not make it into the book.  So if you’re using the postal service, be sure to check delivery times and adjust your deadline accordingly.  We want to assure you, though. If we receive your submission after the deadline, your drawing will be treasured. EDIT: We are considering an extension.  Late submissions may be accepted.

How do I send in my drawing(s)?

Feel free to email your drawing to using the subject line, “My Colo(u)ring Book Submission(s)”

If you don’t have any way of putting your drawing on the internet to send, please feel free to mail it to the following address.

  • TRU Colo(u)ring Book Project
  • c/o Cimmy
  • 710 W. 42nd Ave.
  • Kennewick, WA 99337