59. #CSAQT


Child Sexual Assault Question Time (CSAQT) is a twitter chat that takes place at 10 AM Pacific Time.  It’s a wonderful place to come where we discuss all things relating to being a survivor of childhood trauma.

I should probably give some background. jaklumen and I had been on another twitter chat, #sexabusechat, for some months when this chat began.  The whole point of it was to make receiving online support easier for people in the United Kingdom (UK, 6PM Greenwich Mean Time).  It was headed up by Athena  Moberg and Bobbi Parish.

I must say, since this chat first started, I’ve seen a good deal of change in my life.  Seeing that people who live more than eight hours away from me suffer similarly to what I do, not to mention that some of what I’ve learned can be useful to them in turn, has been very freeing for me.

So, I know this is short, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to Bobbi and Athena for setting up this awesome chat.


One thought on “59. #CSAQT

  1. Just for the benefit of others- #CSAQT was started as a companion chat with a UK-friendly time to #sexabusechat, by Bobbi Parish and Sue Crocombe. Athena has visited, but is not one of the chat founders. Currently, it’s being hosted by Steven Payton, Sue, and Karen Pollock. I am uncertain if Elaine Hook is still a host, or not.

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