57. Herbal Tea

  • stock-photo-portrait-of-women-feeling-the-cold-over-white-43614799When the weather is cold.
  • When I’m feeling less than myself.
  • When I’m thirsty.
  • When I’m feeling cold, even when the weather isn’t.
  • When I’m upset.

These are just a few of the reasons why I’m glad there is herbal tea.

Woman Holding Cup of TeaI’ve never been a coffee drinker and black tea just isn’t my thing.  Herbal tea, though.  You get the flavors.  You get the scents.  Some of them even have medicinal qualities that help you get calm or feel better if you’re sick.

So, to the ancient person who discovered herbal tea, thank you.  To the companies that manufacture herbal tea bags: Thank You.  To Good Earth, who makes my favorite tea with the inspirational quotations on the tags:  Thank You!  To the farmers that grow the herbs that go into the tea: THANK YOU!  Where would I be without you guys?

2015-12-08 07.19.19

Tag quote: You miss 100% of the shots you never take. -Wayne Gretzky


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