55. Amanda


If you read my previous entry, you’ll know that my son has been without his medications for quite some time.  Yesterday, we received his new prescription and I immediately dropped it off to the pharmacy and was assured that it would be ready by eight o’clock that evening.

I returned shortly after putting my son to bed, anticipating picking up the filled prescription, only to discover that EVERYTHING had been denied by his insurance company.  That means I had to send my son back to school today without his meds.

Yes, I did! Was I angry? YES! I was so angry that I had trouble sleeping last night.

This morning, I called the insurance company to find out why.  I talked to three people and the third was a wonderful person named Amanda.  Not only did she listen to me explain my frustration with being unable to provide my son with the medicine he needs to concentrate, she found out why the med had been denied and then she helped us figure out what to do about it.


She also called the pharmaceutical department and got them to approve the medication we’d been prescribed!  It will be ready in an hour!

Honestly?  I expected to be told that the medication wasn’t in the formulary (which, to be fair, she did), but Amanda went above and beyond and got us that med anyway, even though we are dead sure, based on the information which she helpfully gave us, that it won’t decrease his shaking.

Thank you, Amanda.  You’ve been a blessing in my life and I will never forget it.  May the dear Lord bless and keep you.


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