54. The Gratitude Challenge


Hello, thankful people.  It’s been nearly a year since last I wrote in this blog, so If you’re still subscribed after all this time, you have my gratitude.

This week has been just one trial after another for me.  First of all, last Sunday, we ran out of the medications for my son’s ADHD.  Without them, it’s hard to get my son to do anything we need him to do.

I was able to look at this at least partially as a blessing in disguise.  Ms. S, my son’s teacher, has been telling us fairly consistently that my son’s handwriting was suffering because he was fighting some shaking in his hands.  Being without his medications for a week showed us that the medication was to blame for this, because the shaking stopped.  We were pleased to be able to tell his psychiatrist this (she had said that the medication shouldn’t be causing shaking).  As a result, we are looking forward to getting a new medication for my son.

Now, I know, you’re saying, “But, Cimmy, you said last week was a trial!”  Technically, just Sunday was.  You see, Saturday, we went to the local autism support center for a Trunk-or-Treat and my son filled up a medium-small canvas bag just as full as he could with candy because the parents who were participating didn’t limit the amount they were passing out.

Being a conscientious parent, I chose to limit the amount of this outstanding haul that he was allowed to partake.  Needless to say, my son was very much displeased when I put the rest of it away.  Sunday morning we found him in his room with the entire bag just grazing through the lot of it as fast as he could.  I took the bag away again and hid it.  My son’s response to this was the usual temper tantrum I’ve come to expect when he can’t have his way.

We managed to convince my son to get dressed for church, but he complained about not being able to eat his candy all the way to church and through most of the service.  Finally, I ended up dragging him bodily from the chapel.  Eventually, we were able to return, but my son went to sit with his Primary Teacher and I went to sit with the rest of my family.  I was not happy, though.  As is typical for me, I blamed myself for the entire sorry business and was completely depressed by the time I got home.

That’s when I remembered that one of my subscribers, I don’t really remember who, had made a suggestion regarding what I should do when I’m feeling particularly low.  He said something like, “You should read these through.”  So I opened up this blog and I read.

I read about the first blessing I ever listed, about how much I love my Heavenly Father.  I read through my first and second Thanksgiving Blessing-a-thon posts, all twenty entries.  I read through a blog post about someone who inspired and continues to inspire me. I read about how glad I was that my daughter was wearing her helmet when she was hit by a car and that my son’s MRI came out normal.  I read about how happy I am that I can see colors and fix things that are broken.  I read through them all, even the ones that I’m not so sure of any more (Don’t worry. I’m not deleting anything.)  Do you know what?  I felt better.  I even feel better, just writing this post to you, remembering all those wonderful blessings I wrote about last year.

So, subscriber, whoever you are, I want to thank you.  I’m sorry I’ve forgotten your name, but I’ll never forget your advice.


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