44. Colors


Have you ever watched TV on a black and white set? I was born in 1969 and I have. My folks couldn’t afford a color television set until I was in middle school. What a difference! To watch the same television program in color that you’ve seen without it is a revelation, at least to me.

I love walking outside and collecting the day’s colors with my eyes. The pale purple of the lilac blossom. The alabaster of apple blossoms. The blood red, sweet pink, blushing white or butter yellow of roses. The fresh green of grass and leaves. The earthy brown of dirt and bark. The icy blue of the sky in wintertime, when there are no clouds to block it out.

We all have our favorite colors. My favorite has been purple for a very long time. I picked purple because none of my other friends liked it and I knew I was different and I wanted that to be reflected in the color I liked. The colors I look best in are rose red and royal blue. The right shade of red actually makes me look slimmer. As for purple, if I’m wearing it, I usually choose a plum or indigo color. Colors so deep and dark they are almost black.

Remembering how easily bored I am, I think this should help you understand why I’m glad things are colorful. A black and white world would be intensely boring!


2 thoughts on “44. Colors

  1. Mom

    I agree with you about colors! They make the world more beautiful. The thing I am grateful about is being able to be in the temple with you last tuesday. That was a sure ‘D’ blessing!

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